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Application Architect Resume Examples

Choosing an architecture will determine how you deal with performance, fault tolerance, scalability, and reliability. By the end of this post, when you go to design an application from the bare bones you won’t be sitting in the dark anymore.

application architecture example

To get started building, sign up for an IBMid andcreate your IBM Cloud account. The serverless model is also quickly scalable and it is stateless. Many organizations do not have documentation discipline and hence lack detailed business process flows and system process flows. One may have to start an initiative to put those in place first.

Websphere Enterprise Application Architect

It provides an ease of maintenance of the code base, managing presentation code and business logic separately, so that a change to business logic, for example, does not impact the presentation layer. You would use this type of diagram to look for ways to improve the application deployment process. You will need to update and improve your DevOps architecture to keep up with continual improvements of deployment tools and changes to other interfacing systems architecture. Provide Technical Support and Training Application Architects provide solutions in areas of disaster recovery, data integrity and security. They evaluate and recommend software technologies in these areas, evaluate alternatives and analyze problems with data infrastructures. Liaison between the business users and the development team by translating business requirements to the developers. Managed the overall design and development of a financial management application interface integrated on an Oracle 9i platform.

Web application architectures basically represent relationships between such components as user interfaces, transaction processing, databases, and others. The primary object is to ensure that all elements work together correctly. Together these components create web applications architectures. How do these elements operate and what are their responsibilities?

Web Application Components

We’ll cover the basic concepts of any modern web application and explain how the architecture patterns may differ depending on the application you’re building. In fact, it should be efficient and straightforward to ensure smooth web app development and maintenance. It’s the truth that high-level architecture provides an easier extension and modification as well as testing, debugging, and comprehension. A peculiarity of this server is web application architecture that it uses a single server as well as a single database. Hence, this model is not commonly used for building web applications. Modern software applications and information systems have reached such a level of development that the term “architecture” applied to them no longer seems out of place. Creating an effectively and reliably functioning information system from scratch is no easier than to construct a multistoried building.

application architecture example

Created and managed a project to automate multiple manual Mainframe deployment functions that were time consuming and costly with respect to code migration within the QA and Prod systems. Responsibilities included working with business users in requirements management, developing forms with Jcaptcha and integrating web artifacts delivered by external organizations.

Best Practices To Build A Scalable Application Architecture

Over time, the Internet has made a shift towards active user engagement as well as extended functionality by means of visually pleasing and powerful web applications. Final cross-check of overall architecture against business requirements. Document rationale for building block decisions in architecture document. Merge all lists into a single, de-duplicated list of candidate application systems, including for each a brief description of business function supported and data/information managed. Relate the application systems to the business functions in the Business Architecture.

There are also user process components which establish the user interactions. One of the best choices for creating and running microservices application architectures is by using containers. Containers encapsulate a lightweight virtualization runtime environment for your application and allow you to move the application from the developer’s desktop all the way to production deployment. You can run containers on virtual machines or physical machines in the majority of available operating systems. Containers present a consistent software environment, and you can encapsulate all dependencies of your application as a deployable unit.

As a high-level diagram that shows the software’s basic structure, this type includes software components, their relationships, and their properties. It can also convey relationships with external components such as users, databases, and services. This type of diagram uses simple shapes and lines to represent various components. The basic design makes it easier for you to describe the application’s structure to management and other stakeholders.

application architecture example

Well, it’s extremely uncommon for someone to start out as a software architect, so most software engineers work for a few years before they take on designing architecture. Starting with a monolithic architecture and then later scale out into a microservice architecture. Monolithic applications fit best for use cases where the requirements are pretty simple, the app is expected to handle a limited amount of traffic. One example of this is an internal tax calculation app of an organization or a similar open public tool.

When an instance starts, a listener process establishes a communication pathway to Oracle. When a user process makes a connection request, the listener determines whether it should use a shared server dispatcher process or a dedicated server process and establishes an appropriate connection. In Part B of the figure, a single computer has more than one processor, and different processors separate the execution of the client application from Oracle. Now, with applications into place, you should follow a set of rules to ensure a correct architecture.

Client Component – The client component is developed in CSS, HTML, and JS. As it exists within the user’s web browser, there is no need for operating system or device-related adjustments. The client component is a representation of a web application’s functionality that the end-user interacts with. Structural Components – The two major structural components of a web app are client and server sides. The Internet is no longer about static web pages and longer loading times.

AutoCAD Uses: Main Fields of Application – All 3DP

AutoCAD Uses: Main Fields of Application.

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If you are writing software which has anything to do with money or numbers, that makes transactions, ACID, data consistency super important to you. Relational DBs shine when it comes to transactions & data consistency. They comply with the ACID rule, have been around for ages & Iterative and incremental development are battle-tested. If your app is a public-facing social app like a social network, a fitness app or something similar, then the traffic is expected to spike exponentially in the near future. In this case, both high availability and horizontal scalability is important to you.

Mobile App developmentWe create native apps for iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform apps for various purposes. Plus, it has to communicate only through HTTP requests and cannot read files off of a server directly. I was programming away and wanted to add an empty line above where I was currently typing. The editor I was using doesn’t have this feature built-in, and I’d finally had this desire enough that I really wanted it. I did a quick google search, found a few lines of code, pasted them into my startup file, executed them, and lo I could now create empty lines above with a single keystroke.

application architecture example

A service mesh like Istio is used by enterprises to govern communication between microservices and management. In a service mesh, requests are routed through proxies between microservices.

  • To make them available to the user, you need to add them as functions in the business logic layer of your system.
  • A P2P network is a network in which computers also known as nodes can communicate with each other without the need of a central server.
  • In addition to hosting servers on their side, these providers offer a complex of services that allow building web applications hosted and managed in the cloud.
  • The data architecture component of an EAI solution addresses issues of which data structures will be used, which access methods will be employed, and how data is coordinated throughout the system.

Lacks scalability as it supports only a limited number of users. When multiple client requests increases, application performance can slow down due to the fact that clients necessitate separate connections and CPU memory to proceed.

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